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Spacecraft shielding

For a particle traveling at V km/s, how thick should the shielding be to prevent the meteoroid from penetrating? Assume the meteoroid, having a density of 3.5 g/cm3 and mass of 1e-3 g, impacting into aluminum. The material constant for aluminum is 0.351.

clc;clear all;
Vm = 17:2:71;        %Particle speed range [km/s]
ro = 3.5;            %Particle density [g/cm^3]
m  = 1e-3;           %Particle mass [g]
C = 0.351;           %Material constant for aluminum
ts = C*ro^(1/6)*m^0.352*Vm.^0.857;  %Shielding thickness[cm]
hold on;grid on;
xlabel('Particle speed [km/s]');
ylabel('Shielding thickness [cm]');
title('Shielding thickness vs particle(mass 1^-^3g) speed');


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