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Dear Smallsats Audience,

Your support is vital in enabling the to fulfill its mission to create and share resources covering various subjects of Engineering, Math and of course Space Science and Technology.  One way to support us is to do your Ebay shopping (of course if you really need to buy something) using one of the links below.  You can also use the PayPal button on our home page to donate directly. Or just spread the word about us to your colleagues and peers.  Thank you in advance !

1. Orbital Mechanics for Engineering Students, Second Edition (Aerospace Engineering)

2. Space Mission Analysis and Design, 3rd edition (Space Technology Library)

3. Spacecraft Systems Engineering (Aerospace Series)

4. Small Satellites: Past, Present, and Future

5. Satellite Orbits: Models, Methods and Applications

6. Space Mission Engineering: The New SMAD

7. Spacecraft Dynamics and Control: An Introduction

8. Space Vehicle Design, Second Edition (AIAA Education)

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