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Fundamental constants


c    = 2.9979E8;             %[m/s]          Speed of light
mu0  = 4*pi*1E-7;            %[V*s/(A*m)]    Permeability
eps0 = 8.8542E-12;           %[A*s/(V*m)]    Permittivity
G    = 6.672E11;             %[N*m2/kg2]     Gravitation constant
me   = 9.109E-31;            %[kg]           Electron rest mass
mp   = 1.673E-27;            %[kg]           Proton rest mass
e    = 1.602E-19;            %[C]            Elementary charge
k    = 1.381E-23;            %[J/K]          Boltzmann constant
h    = 6.626E-34;            %[J*s]          Planck’s constant
Me   = 5.98E24;              %[kg]           Earth’s mass
Re   = 6.37E6;               %[m]            Earth’s radius
Ms   = 1.989E30;             %[kg]           Solar mass
Rs   = 6.966E8;              %[m]            Solar radius
Md   = 8E15;                 %[T*m3]         Earth’s magnetic dipole moment
R    = 1.985E-3;             %[kcal/(mole*K)]Gas constant

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